Shannon's Wedding

Just got back from the wedding dinner of Shannon, my cousin, and her hubby, Robin. It's been a looooong time since I last attended a wedding dinner. Haha~

The wedding dinner was held at Peony Jade Restaurant @ Clarke Quay, wouldn't say the food is fantastic but it wasn't too bad after all. =)

Saw many of my relatives whom i've not seen for the longest time. And the common question they are asking me... "So when's your turn?" >.< Isn't that too early a question? Haha!

My dearest Granny and Me!

My youngest cousin (left) and my youngest sis (right)

My mummy and my youngest sis =)

My elder sister and dearest granny!

One of the bestest dish of the night, scallops! =p

And duno which smart alec go take my phone and snapped me taking food... >.<

Doing the YAMMMMMMMM SENG! Haha~ My super chio cousin Shannon and her super cool hubby Robin right in front =)

Wishing the two of you eternal bliss! =)

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*Random Ten*

1. I am stuck in camp doing duty now >.<
2. Eric is a Peace-lover =) Really!
3. I look fatter in No.3 than No.4 =(
4. THAT date is drawing closer!!
5. *Smittened* by my new Axioo Pico! (MSI Wind OEM) =D
6. Eric is smiling at the computer like an idiot now and Kaiwen thinks I'm crazy >.< Haha~
7. SAF Air-Con FOC one ah!!!! *Brrrrr*
8. I'm craving for Nai Cha!
9. I accidentally (stupidly) deleted my Wu Ke Qun Magik Jing Xuan Ji yesterday... T_T

Last but not least...

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Not very clear but... See my lobster-red arms above?! Haha~

(Psssst.... Sitting on the lap of two shuai ge is such a blissful feeling I tell u! Muahahaha...)

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Feverish >.

Still feeling feverish... Argh...

Dr. Leong's medicine didn't really seem to work much effect... Haha...

Last measurement was at 7.13pm... 37.9....

Skin's becoming less irritable with the cream applied on... Less painful too...

On MC tomorrow still... Hopefully will recover by the weekends :)

Friday - Meet Jason for dinner
Saturday - V Day Dinner with Ray, Harry, Jeremy and OCC...
Sunday - Cycling @ ECP (again!) with Lili + Farewell Dinner for Ray
Tuesday - Dinner with Ray
Wednesday - Send Ray off

Time really flies! Ray's flying off next week already man... Geez... I'm feeling the pinch already...

Next to go is Justin... Sigh! Harry!! We're gonna Xiang Yi Wei Ming liao... the 88878685 gang will be left us just 8785 liao.. =(

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ECP - 080209 :)

Woke up today feeling feverish... So went to see Dr. Leong... True enough... I am running fever... 38.7... >.< Diagnosed as Fever as a result of dehydration... + 1st degree skin damage caused by sunburn... Regretted not heeding Ray's advice to put on sunblock... Haha~

Back to the Sunday trip to ECP... Haha~ All of us managed to complete the challenge! We cycled from ECP all the way to Changi Village, had Chicken Rice for lunch and then came back to ECP... It was really fun! Thanks to Justin for organising! =)

Some photos!

Dou Nai, Me and Harry Porter!

Don't ask me why the photo is slanted! Hahaha~ Stylo ma...
From Left: Mark, Titan, Gary, Donny, Harry, Justin, Hai, Ray, Me!
Squatting: Jeremy!

Following traditions... Our feets! =p

One of the most scenic view I ever saw in SG... Found at the park connector between ECP and Changi Village =)

After cycling, we parted ways with Mark and Hai... While the rest of us made our way to Parkway Parade for a drink... Hmmm... Titan is like... damn knowledgable lahhhh! I shall start reading Wikipedia like storybooks liao... Haha~

Later on, Titan and Ray left for their appointments... While the rest of us intended to move on to Orchard to walk around... Ended up.. We're stuck at the bus stop for like... 40 minutes? LOL! Long story... Let's omit that part!

Eventually, we ended at Food Republic Wisma Atria for dinner... Had a hilarious chat session with the guys... Juuuuuicy sia... Haha...

Since I was on leave yesterday, I didn't leave for home... Parted with the guys and met up with Ray at Mac Shaw House for a drink... It's been so long since I last sat there with someone to have a drink and chat... It was nice... =)

This is like... the second weekend in a row that I am at ECP... Should I make it a weekly trip? Haha~ This Sunday will be at ECP again! With my GF! =X  I wanna soak up the sun~~~ =D

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Slowly back on track =)

Marcus is back from his post-op MC... 3.5 months long!! Sigh... Can't believe I could actually hang on for this long with so many things happening in between... Well... Having managed to survived all these... I feel rather proud of myself actually... Haha~

Went down to Soon Bee Huat to choose the tiles to be used for my reno today... Dennis was surprised that I am still serving NS?! Do I look older now?! OMG!

Couldn't get enough of cycling at ECP last week... Will be going again tomorrow! Yup... With Ray, Justin, Harry and a few others =) Tomorrow's aim... ECP to Changi?! =X Sorry to skaters... Think you guys gonna die!! =X

It's a long weekend for me cause will be on leave next monday... Got medical appt in the morning, after that, joining Ray and Harry @ KTV =D

All of a sudden, I just want to say this......

I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! *hugs* muacks* =D

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PS + ECP + MP + PP!

Dropped by Eddy's place in Clementi to visit his Mum... Glad to see that she's recovering well :) Get well soon Aunty!! I still waiting for you to teach me how to masak Mee Siam Goreng k?

Hop on to Plaza Singapura after that to meet Ray for lunch... Had a hearty 3 hours+ chat with him... Haha~ Hope I didn't bore him to bits! Lots of juicy details were shared... But let's keep that to ourselves... Hahaha~

Joined Victor, Harry, Daniel and Elton at ECP for Blading/Cycling after that... It was hell lotsa fun! Elton left early though...

This is the first time that I actually cycled all the way from the Mac area to Fort Road, and then back again towards the other direction... But sadly, time doesn't allow us to complete the other direction till the end... Haha~ Next time! =D

Bedok Jetty... Sure brings back a lot of memories! =) But it's now cordoned up for upgrading works...

After the ECP madness, we adjourned to Marine Parade Hawker Centre for our dinner... Must say that MPHC food are only so-so... Haha~

This is what I had... Hup Lee Economic Noodles with Cabbage and Vegetarian Char Siew... Daniel and Harry immediately asked "Wah! You Vegetarian today ah?" >.<

And yes, Ray highlighted that only me and him are food wasters... =X

After dinner, Vic wanted some sweets to satisfy his sweet tooth! Here we are~ a Shaved Ice Dessert Shop @ Marine Parade! *Xue Hua Piao~ Qing Qing Piao~*

Their Menu... On the wall!

Milk Shaved Ice with Mango~

Green Tea Shaved Ice with Mango~

All gone! =p


Me & Ray~

Me & Victor~ Yes... I am on the phone! Hahah~

3 of us! =p

Daniel & Ray~

Daniel and Victor left for a chalet after that, leaving Ray, Harry and myself strolling around Parkway Parade...

While at Giant Parkway Parade, we sort of realised a habit... It seems that AJs lovvvvve Supermarkets? True? Hahaha~

Popped by Challenger and was surprised by how SMALL the branch in PP is...

Popped by M1 Shop and found Mei Ling still stuck there... Haha~ Poor thing for her, got to travel everyday from Jurong West to Marine Parade... and she's getting married on 24th Oct! I'm like... invited!? LOL~ Grats ah! Oh! And Nadia from M1 Shop Northpoint last time still remembers me lahhhh! So sweet of her! I've only worked with her for like... 1 day? =p Hehehe~

Had a uber fun, uber happy day today! Thanks Vic for organising! ;)

I'm so looking forward to the next gathering on 9th Feb! =D

- Eric
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Conqueror of 5 steamboats!!

Makan-ed at my Sis place before moving off for visiting... STEAMBOAT!
Visited my Mum's place in the morning as the first stop.... STEAMBOAT!
Then followed by my Brother-in-law's Parents place... STEAMBOAT!
Hop over to my granny's place... STEAMBOAT!
Last but not least, adjourned to Justin's for gathering... STEAMBOAT!

Hahaha~ Steamboat 我吃得多,最多还是这一次!

I am proud of myself for conquering all of them! Haha~ Anticipating the number of steamboats coming up at subsequent locations, I just take a little at each location...

Steamboat-ing might seem like an easy job but it requires a lot of considerations and thoughts... Who don't eat beef? Is there any 'Halal' eaters? Rice/Noodles to accompany? Spicy or Non-spicy soup base?

I appreciate a lot for all the preparations done for all the 5 steamboats! Especially Justin... I offered my help to arrive early to help with the preparations but he said it's not required... Feel bad about it though... Thanks Justin for hosting the wonderful meal! =)

Oh oh oh! And I made Justin a simple greeting card! Shared a gift with Ray and it's something edible... So thought of adding a greeting card to preserve the memories after the gift is being consumed... :)

Dinner at Justin's was accompanied by Card Games and Mahjong... Had the company of Ray, Victor and Jeremy for Mahjong and man... It's been a long time since I touched it! And also the first time I lost all my chips! Haha~ Sorry, my mind was wandering elsewhere, thinking about other stuffs... Thanks Ray for covering my losses! Hahaha~

Everyone left in 3 cabs... Since I'm alone and doesn't want to go home that early... I went over to Sembawang Beach to catch some fresh air and offload some burden in my mind... It feels good... :) Love the beach in times like this...

Oh well, CNY Holidays' officially over! Let retain the fondest memories via pictures! =)

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The Holy Question..........

After sooooo many years of being overlooked by my relatives, I finally kana the HOLY QUESTION liao!!!!


"Got girlfriend already anot?!"

Hahaha~ I thought I could still avoid that question this year but I was wrong...

In fact, that was the FIRST sentence that greeted me upon my arrival... >.<~

Oh well, managed to get away with a logical yet politically incorrect answer... PHEW! But with that answer, I believe the holy question will not pop up anytime soon for the next few years... =p

Good to see all my relatives again, although I ain't really that close to them... As expected, the main topic of discussion this year (other than the holy question!) is with regards to my new flat. Haha~

My eldest uncle gave me tips on where to get the cheapest paints...
My second and third uncle analysed my flat's pricing...
My smallest uncle as usual, went to Malaysia with his wife...

Other than that, I have been SMS-ing Ray and on MSN with Justin and Richard most of the time. =p

Will be popping by my Mum's place again tomorrow for a while and joining friends at Justin's place for dinner tomorrow evening...

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Happy Niu Year!

Reached home only at close to 7am this morning... Immediately concussed after SMSing Ray... Haha~ Enjoyed myself thoroughly over the crazy 6 hours KTV at KBox Cineleisure! Still waiting for Ray to send me photossssss!

Nothing much in the afternoon except pondering a bit on which reunion dinner to go to (I have like 4 reunion dinners?) and chatting with Ray over MSN...

Went back to my mum's place in Yishun for reunion dinner... Mum's cooking is still the best I ever had... Glad to see upgrading works going on at my mum's place... High time something gets done to fix the 26 year old block!

After dinner, brought my niece down to Chinatown to help out at my Sis's stall located at the CNY Bazaar... Helped out for about 2 hours before being tempted by Ray to join up with him...

Met Ray, Elton and Kelvin at People's Park just minutes before the firecrackers went off and there you go! My CNY started with about 2 - 3 minutes of *Piak* *Piak* *Piak*!

Memorable CNY eve... Really! :)

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